SPEAK Artists 'n' Activists Collective

The SPEAK Artists 'n' Activists Collective runs smaller and experimental nights to give new artists a supportive space.

The SPEAK Artists 'n' Activists Collective is a sub-label which supports the more experimental artists producing spoken word and other niche conscious music. We sometimes do smaller chill events called the Re:creation lounge - look out for these.


SPEAK Artists 'n' Activists Collective also works with other conscious events in festivals and club nights.

SPEAK also run Greenhouse Days, a safe and imaginative space for emerging artists to share ideas and work on projects. For more information on these email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

SPEAK’s arts also has a facebook group, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details on this group.

SPEAK Artists 'n' Activists also have a youtube channel where we upload various videos from the Network.


SPEAK Angels


SPEAK angels do community performance, art, dance and spread the heavenly love at SPEAK events, conscious club nights and national protests. Look out for the heavenly hosts at other events and come and give us a greeting of our own. We give quotes of inspiration to keep up the spirits of activists in the struggle.


SPEAK angels are also available to visit other parties and conscious events. Send us an e-mail if you would like the angels to come to your event or if you would like the dancing angels to give you a visitation. Check out our angel's profiles here.

Current Experimental Artists that the SPEAK Artists 'n' Activists Collective Supports

rebeccagowerRebecca Gower

A grassroots spoken word artist working with experimental dance music to produce pieces that cause people to move and be inspired.

karengraceKaren Grace

An original singer song writer, singing her own lyrics with passion and grace.

The SPEAK Artists 'n' Activists Collective also practice the art of facilitating the drawing of creativity out of others. We seek to be an alternative to the, sometimes individualistic nature of the arts. Real art is about community and the art of a whole movement, not just the art of an individual. We don’t see a division between performer and observer.  We are all performers and we all have something to receive. It is about us being free to find our own uniquely creative voice. The most inspirational spaces seem to be small-scale  campfires and lounges rather than big gatherings. In smaller spaces we can share more and have a better quality of community, interaction and sharing. We see part of our role as challenging the power dynamic that can emerge in hierarchy between the ‘performer’ and the passive audience.

SPEAK has been a key partner and organiser of rooms, meditation spaces and campaign stalls at Luminopolis/Synergy. Watch the video documentary below about the exciting conscious club project: