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Angel of Hope

angelofhopeThere is always hope...

Hope, not a fluffy, airy, ‘I wish’, but a deep belief that things can, do and will get better.

Think about a tree. It begins as a tiny, insignificant seed, planted unseen in the earth. Gradually it grows, imperceptibly, unnoticed day by day. To those who see it every day, it probably never seems to change. But if they stopped to think, they may remember when that tree was just a tiny sapling, or even a germinating seed. And if they cast their imagination forward, they would see that tree’s potential, fully mature, enormous, and full of birds and fruit.

I believe hope is like this. As activists we can become so cynical or disillusioned by the world, and the way things never seem to change. Injustice, war and devastation seem impossible to overcome. We can even find ourselves motivated to campaign against these things out of anger, or guilt about our own privilege. And then we see that nothing seems to change, and we become frustrated, burnt out, and give in. But if we stop to look back where we’ve come from, we see the victories we have won in the past. We see how things have improved, how trade has become fairer, awareness has been raised, war zones have healed. And we look forward to a greater Hope, a day when all relationships will be fully restored... This is the hope I want to inspire in you, that keeps you strong in the fight for justice and reawakens your passion! There is always hope!

Angel of Ashes to Beauty

ashes_colourLife doesn't always go according to plan.
We've all had times when we've felt alone, scared and unable to see a way out of our dark, messy situations.
This Angel wants to sit alongside people who are hurting. To listen to them and to cry with them, to love them and to gently point towards a God of restoration. A God who promises to turn mourning into dancing, to breathe life into the dead, burnt out destruction of our "ashes".
A God who can take the broken, hopeless, crumbling mess we find ourselves in, and turn it into something beautiful.




Angel of the Emerging Butterfly butterfly

A near complete butterfly clings to its chrysalis, striving to strengthen its wings so it can finally fly and fully reveal its
beauty. Before this, the butterfly looked utterly different; unremarkable, lifeless. We long to see this kind of dramatic change in ourselves, other individuals, communities and situations presently shrouded in sorrow and difficulty. Encouraged by the butterfly, we know such change is possible, but its journey illustrates the struggle required. In the midst of my own journey I want to be real. I want to remind and be reminded of how different things could be. I want to stir faith in the One who transforms.





Angel of the Deep

I want to help us all to set sail on an adventurous voyage, to sound out the depth of the spirit in the place where we are.  And where deep calls to deep, find out who we are, and what's really going on in spirit beneath all the events and upheavals of life.  And deepest of all, we find that all of us are one with each-other and everything that lives, in the one spirit of infinite creation and love.  So let's help one another to break the chains that anchor us to things that hold our voices back from speaking love and truth, and anchor deeply in the spirit of love and creation that sets us free to steer our course and build a beautiful, love-filled world.





Pacifist warrior Angel

Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek but a means by

which we arrive at that goal,- Martin Luther King

People fear that to be a pacifist activist you may be passive. Pacifist warrior is a conscious struggler who shows that to be pacifist is also to be deeply active on a spiritual level. We all need to struggle internally with own ego to be truly centred and peaceful, the shalom in the contemplative eye of the storm of the struggle we find ourselves in.

Pacifist warrior has been expanding on her lyricism- her pacifist ammunition:’ To the media portrayal the pacifist warriors stand in sharp contrast and our arms are full of flowers to launch our pacifist attack’. Pacifist warrior knows that it’s the conviction of spirit which will get the unintentionally, unjust abusers, not all the love flowers, and glitter bombs she is throwing. Pacifist warrior prays in love not anger for the TNCS corporate executives and bankers forgiveness, because its really obvious that most them don’t know what they are doing to the world and are living in blissful ignorance, they are hurt and confused and need a hug too. Hug a Banker- Pacifist warrior wants to join together with other fluffy hug crews and give visitations to as many bankers and corporate execs as possible and give them all a hug. Embrace the humanity and love in those mistakenly stuck in system and draw out the transformation within them, rather than pelting them with sticks and stones. Spirit forgive them, they don’t always know what they are doing

Do all politicians need to admit that

We have built a world

too complex to map?

Pacifist warrior struggles to find peace, and whilst the struggle is not to struggle, she longs to encourage people peaceful, contemplation, love and meditation as well as to discover more of it herself. Heavenly hosts, peace visitations of contemplatives and activists.

Every life lived is a voyage across a sea of reality which will never be seen in the same light by any other.  From our place floating on top of it we experience the surface of that sea in all its events, times of turmoil, moments of calm, pains and pleasures.  But in all the trials and celebrations here in the swells, surf, foam and spray of modern life, its easy to forget that most of the vast blue sea we journey across lies far beneath us.  And that what we experience at the surface is often just the visible symptom or manifestation of powerful motions that go on in the depths beaneath us all the time.  Although these depths will always be a mystery to us, they are not hidden from any heart that desires to explore them.  And though they may seem cold at first, they are teeming with life and possibility.

They are alive with hopes, fears, desires, dreams, visions, passions, fury, faith and love.  This unknown abyss lies in our own selves and in everything.  We have explored and laid claim to all the lands of the Earth and now look onwards to the sky, the moon, the other planets and even the stars.  Yet we have only glimpsed a scarce fraction of the sea-floor beneath the oceans which cover two thirds of our own planet.  Likewise most of us catch only occasional glimpses and epiphanies in to the depths of our own spirits.  But we can go there any time we have the time to meditate and the peace to contemplate.

By delving more deeply in to our spirits, we can come to actually know ourselves, and we can come to thrive on the depths of love and inspiration we may find in the souls of others.  And as we search to the very springs of the deep we may find that all our spirits are one, that at the root of the sea all of us and everything that lives stem from the one spirit.  This is the spirit of infinite creation and love that has many names and that many people call Holy, although none of us really knows what that means.  This spirit is love, which even death cannot subdue.  This word is love, which dwells wherever two or more share freely.  This soul is creativity, the same that exploded the universe in to being and still brings tears to our eyes in colourful melodies and haunting brush-strokes.  This spirit is our shared life.

All of us have anchors, things that we're tied to and that we try and use to define ourselves.  We anchor ourselves to family and friends, good works, familiar places and precious memories.  Our anchors can help secure us in love and keep us safe through times of turmoil, but they can also tie us back and prevent us from exploring and growing, or even lock us in to things which are negative or destructive to us.  We need to help one another to break loose from any anchors which tie us to anything that is not love, so that we can wander, grow, create, speak truth in to the world and love without restraint.  And we all need to anchor ourselves more deeply in to the one spirit that is love, which sets us free.  Then we can reclaim control of the wheels and rudders that steer our lives and navigate our own course.  No longer will we simply follow the steering of powers that seek to influence us for their own gain; we will steer on to radical, creative paths with the one spirit, free to sail where the wind may blow in pursuit of peace.

So let's sound out the depth of the spirit in the place where we are, where deep calls out to deep, in ourselves, in each-other, in all life, nature and everything.  And then let us find that the spirit is love, and come full-circle in seeing that we need not live in the springs of the deep to find love, but in each-other in laughter and tears and actions.  But let us delve deep to find out everything we are so that we can give it all to love one-another and create a beautiful world for all those who will follow us.